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Harness the Power of your Inner beauty and sensual healing




A customised full body lingam massage designed to ground and uplift you. Give your body & soul the care it needs with deep relaxation or renewed energy.

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Melt into deep relaxation as your body is anointed from head to toe with warm aromatic oils. An arousing yoni massage to enlivening your sensual and spiritual nature.


Located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD

lingam massage brisbane

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a traditional practice that truly honours the masculine, body, mind and penis. Learning how to stimulate sexual energy and circulate it is very powerful.

yoni massage brisbane

Yoni Massage

"Yoni" is Sanskrit for the vulva and means "sacred portal". The biggest benefit of yoni massage type of therapy is unlocking mental blocks, and a sense of wisdom and pleasure.

tantra training

Tantra Retreats

Imagine a world where sexuality is a completely normal and natural part of your relationship. Where you have a safe space to explore your desires, connect to you own divine consciousness.



I remember hearing “bodyworker” for the first time when I was on holiday in Byron Bay. Among all the ads for massage therapy in the classifieds, I had no idea what a “bodyworker” was but I felt a powerful resonance with the word immediately.

In my twenties I discovered what the practice of bodywork really is, and it became pivotal in my own journey of healing my physical health issues and my negative emotional patterns. Receiving professional bodywork and surrendering to the experience helped me to really feel like me – which is one of life’s greatest and most profound lessons.



My life is beautifully full with my children, amazing family, friends and the richness of my massage community.

My first experience receiving Hawaiian bodywork over a decade ago, changed my life forever. It was a dance of energy, I was not able to connect words with at that time. My entire being buzzed.

I heard talk of Tantra many moons ago. I was curious and knew I needed to explore this divine work, but I was not confident enough in myself to sink in. I wish I had embodied tantra as a teenager.

Intimacy in my heart is the only way I now experience relationships.

For decades now, there has been discord between men and women. I wish to be of service in creating a space where men and women can be in harmony and balance to heal humanity and our beautiful planet. Tantra Massage is a divine and honouring way of discovering and experiencing your own balance of your beautiful masculine and feminine energies.

What clients have said

Stephanie Review

“I had the utmost pleasure of meeting this beautiful soul in her sacred space in Brisbane. I am a single man who wanted to share these skills of higher love when I do find a partner to share my life and energy with. I was taken on a profound journey that not only taught me skills but showed me my heart was closed off by my pain of the past. I can not talk highly enough on this experience and the energy that was created shall stay with me forever”

Kim Review

“Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart Kim. I didn’t know what to expect but it was far more than I imagined. I have a habit of holding onto my emotions, but not today, the love and peace I felt in that room was far more than I expected. Gentle hands and gentle soul. Thank you again and I will be back again real soon. Love to you..”

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