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Tantric massage

Harness the power of your inner beauty through sensual healing

A customised full-body & lingam massage designed to ground and uplift you. Give both your body & soul the care they need through deep relaxation and renewed energy.

Melt into deep relaxation as your body is anointed head-to-toe with warm aromatic oils. An arousing body & yoni massage to enlivening your sensual, spiritual nature.

Stephanie says..

“I remember hearing the word bodyworker for the first time when I was on holiday in Byron Bay. I had no idea what a “bodyworker” was but I immediately felt a powerful resonance with the word.

I discovered what the practice of bodywork really is, and it became a pivotal part in my own journey of healing. My physical health problems, my negative emotional patterns, everything was improved. 

Receiving some professional tantric bodywork, and surrendering to the experience, has really helped me to feel like me

This is truly one of life’s greatest and most profound lessons, and I am happy to offer it. 



Stephanie has completed multiple trainings in Tantra, Lingam Massage & Yoni Massage, as well as being a Reiki Practitioner.

2. Highest QUALITY Services

Stephanie prides herself on her ability to provide a professional offering, with a unique style - a traditional sensual healing massage experience.

3. BEST PRICES in brisbane

Stephanie is the most accessibly priced tantric practitioner in Brisbane, while being offering years of expertise and hundreds of happy clients.

What clients have said


“I had the utmost pleasure of meeting this beautiful soul in her sacred space in Brisbane. I am a single man who wanted to share these skills of higher love when I do find a partner to share my life and energy with. I was taken on a profound journey that not only taught me skills but showed me my heart was closed off by my pain of the past. I can not talk highly enough on this experience and the energy that was created shall stay with me forever”


“Just had an amazing massage with Stephanie. She checked in before with my intentions, throughout with her intuitive pressure and afterwards with my release. Her technique and guided breathing got into my shoulders, back and legs to release deep tension. Highly recommended, will certainly be back!”