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~ Master the power of your sexual energy and become a better lover ~


What Is Sacred Tantra?

Ok, so what exactly is Tantra I hear you ask? You’ve probably heard the word Tantra mentioned at some point and usually around Sex. 

Is it an ART of LOVE that will make you more DESIRABLE to the opposite sex? Will it turn you into an AMAZING LOVER? While Tantric practice can DELIVER those RESULTS there is certainly more to it.

Tantra is one of the most misunderstood, yet intriguing spirituals paths.

Working with the ancient wisdom of the Temples, where healings, initiations, and transformational experiences occurred, we bring this deeply healing Art-Form to life through our unique transmissions. Sex and Sexuality become more than just physicality, bringing beauty, higher states of consciousness, devotion, and more soulful qualities into the bedroom – uncovering the secrets of deep intimacy and infinite pleasure.  

Sacred Tantra Sessions Will:

  • Help you release stress and learn to RELAX
  • CONNECT INTIMATELY with yourself and your current or future lovers
  • CLEAR negative sexual conditioning, like shame and guilt and HEAL sexual trauma
  • Offer an AMAZING experience of fully ‘RECEIVING’, as you reconnect with your own inner sensations. As you FEEL yourself MORE, you feel your partner more.
  • Learn to COMMUNICATE your desires, boundaries and consent
  • Learn Tantric TECHNIQUES and practices to TRANSFORM you into an AMAZING LOVER
  • Most important of of all learn to LOVE YOURSELF and your BODY


Located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD

lingam massage brisbane

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a traditional practice that truly honours the masculine, body, mind and penis. Learning how to stimulate sexual energy and circulate it is very powerful. A customised full body lingam massage designed to ground and uplift you. Give your body & soul the care it needs with deep relaxation or renewed energy.

yoni massage brisbane

Yoni Massage

"Yoni" is Sanskrit for the vulva and means "sacred portal". The biggest benefit of yoni massage type of therapy is unlocking mental blocks, and a sense of wisdom and pleasure. Melt into deep relaxation as your body is anointed from head to toe with warm aromatic oils. An arousing yoni massage to enlivening your sensual and spiritual nature.

tantra training

Couples Tantra

Imagine a world where sexuality is a completely normal and natural part of your relationship. Where you have a safe space to explore your desires with your partner. Conscious Couples Tantra Sessions are an introduction to Tantra which includes intimacy coaching, breathing and heart connecting practices (no massage).



In my twenties, I discovered the incredible world of Bodywork, and little did I know how much it would transform my life! It became the cornerstone of my personal healing, and spiritual, journey towards landing more and more of my spirit in my body-temple.

In my early thirties, I found the missing piece in my puzzle of self discovery – Tantra! Hungry to soak up this ancient wisdom which resonated in every cell of my body, I traveled around the world learning, receiving transmissions, and mentoring with teachers I highly respected. Tantra became a part of me, a way of life, that continues to awaken more of my heart and love of life.  

Why Bodywork?

Exploring the realm of professional bodywork was, for me, the key to overcoming several chronic physical and mental health challenges, including childhood sexual trauma. Through receiving bodywork, and my own personal embodiment practices, I unlocked the power of my sensuality and sexuality, one of life’s most profound gifts.

Before fully transitioning into bodywork, I spent a decade working as a Psychologist in both public health and private practice, specialising in somatic therapy for mental health disorders. But it was through my training in Psychosomatic Therapy, that my true calling emerged when I discovered my gift in working hands-on with the body. My personal tantric practices naturally assimilated into my professional bodywork practice as, for me, there is no separation. I found myself supporting healing through a trauma informed approach to the body and integrating sexuality into the human system as a whole, which back then was quite radical and taboo.

My life’s love, as long as I can remember, has been in Devotion to the Body. Fascinated, marvelled, and in awe at the intelligence of the human body, and even moreso, the technology of the genitals. I feel humbled and privileged to be in service to bodies in this way.

I specialise in effectively treating Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, and the outcomes I attain with clients are a testament to my mastery. I love supporting women to Receive, Reawaken Pleasure and Remember the Eros that they are! I feel deeply honoured holding space for couples to explore and Play in the innocence of Sacred Intimacy.. my heart explodes with love over and over during these sessions.

I have been utterly awed by the transformations I’ve witnessed through Devotional Tantric Bodywork®. The impact it has on people’s lives is nothing short of life-changing. And that fuels my mission to train more devotional, integral, and safe practitioners offering this beautiful healing art-form in our communities. I’m committed to mentoring Tantric Bodywork practitioners on their journey’s as leaders in this field.

If you’re seeking a safe space to heal, explore, and embrace your body and sexuality, you’re in the right place! 



– Sensual embodiment

– Deep nervous system recalibration

– Reconnecting with pleasure

– Couples intimacy coaching

– Sexual dysfunctions (including PE, ED, Vulvodynia, and inability to orgasm)

– Healing sexual trauma

– Mentoring Tantric Bodywork practitioners. 


8 years ago I walked into the world of Tantra when I signed up to a women’s sacred dance class. I didn’t know it at the time but what I thought would be a great way to make friends and hopefully learn to love my body a little more, ended up being the initiation into my soul path.

For 6 weeks I danced and sang and meditated on the union of consciousness and energy making love within my every cell. And thus began a consistent enquiry into how I could be more intimate with life arising. I had ignited an inner romance with life itself.

For the past 9 years I have trained, practiced and studied with various respected Teachers and schools within the fields of Embodiment, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Somatic Trauma Resolution and Dance Movement Therapy. I am devoted in both a personal and professional sense, to meeting and experiencing as much of life as I can in this body.

Creating spaces for others to know this soul touching intimacy is at once my deepest honour, pleasure and privilege.

Why bodywork?

Truthfully I didn’t set out to be a bodyworker. In many ways I feel like this work has chosen me. Coming into the Tantric Massage Brisbane team to support the business through admin and marketing last year I was innocently unaware of just how much this work would shape me.

Fast forward through countless hours of inbox communication supporting this incredible community, assisting the past 2 Practitioner Training Retreats, as well as receiving individual bodywork transmissions from Steph, Nat, and Sammy – I have experienced time and time again the deep devotional power of this offering. And realised, delightfully, the many ways I have been preparing in a sense to step into DBW through all my time practicing, teaching and receiving within the sacred sexuality and embodied arts.

I have been following the aliveness you might say, without any push, feeling into where Devotional Bodywork wants to take me next. And after a significant Practitioner Training experience in July, I felt the unavoidable pull to apprentice with Steph and offer this work professionally.
So here I am. Bringing all I know and love about working with the Soma intimately through presence, touch and devotion. My intention within the Devotional Bodywork temple is to help others find the union between their heart and sex, to know the spiritual within the sexual.

I wish to foster states of oneness through inviting deep surrender and receiving. Liberating the erotic current within so you can feel more aliveness, power, and access deeper, more nourishing states of pleasure and inner union.

I hope to ignite sensation and welcome the bliss of being shaped deeply by life. Acknowledging the body as a sacred vessel for the full spectrum of experience – I will support you in welcoming the subtle and delicate as well as the dense and dark.
Through melting away tension and softening contraction I hope to offer you the experience of resting deeply into who you truly are.

All that is meaningful to me, all that I wish to cultivate, and the transmission I long to share in the world – is encased within this intimate and sacred body of work. I cannot wait to share my unique transmission, to offer the magick from my own bodies wisdom, to yours. Creating a space for you to meet and be liberated by your deepest pleasure… the bliss of really knowing and inhabiting yourSelf.

Tantric Massage Brisbane is an eco friendly business, using all natural products to minimise our environmental impact, as well as prioritising hygiene in all areas.

Both our Paddington and Fortitude Valley studios maintain an exceptional level of client safety and aftercare.

All of our services are discrete and confidential.

What clients have said

Stephanie Review

“I had the utmost pleasure of meeting this beautiful soul in her sacred space in Brisbane. I am a single man who wanted to share these skills of higher love when I do find a partner to share my life and energy with. I was taken on a profound journey that not only taught me skills but showed me my heart was closed off by my pain of the past. I can not talk highly enough on this experience”

Ashleigh Review

“My massage with Ashleigh was a fantastic experience. She immediately made me feel comfortable as a first timer to tantric bodywork. She explained what to expect and the tools to help get the most out of the session. I felt amazing afterwards, full of energy, confidence and enhanced sexuality. I highly recommend Ashleigh if you are interested in exploring tantric bodywork. Simply amazing!”

Enquire About a booking

If you’d like to make a booking, or you would like more information, simply fill in the form below. Please note that 24 hours is required for bookings. 

Whilst sessions involve full-body massage, which may include Yoni and Lingam touch, and possibly full body orgasms, they are not sensual massages or “happy endings”.

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