Couples Tantra Retreats

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Brisbane Retreats

Bringing Sacred Sexuality to Your Relationship

Relax in nature, rekindle the spark, and revitalise your relationship. These retreats create intimacy & connection to deepen the level of trust in your relationship. Customised 2-3 day packages available. Open yourself and your relationship up to new levels of freedom, creativity and fun.
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Turn Your Intimacy Issues Into Your Strengths

Find greater peace and confidence in your relationship


Solidify in your relationship, trust and passion


Allow performance anxiety to just melt away


Understand your unique bodies and how they work


Learn the art of Lingam and Yoni massage


Discover your love languages and improve communication.

"If there was 6 stars I would have given that. Stephanie truly is a master of Tantra. Her professionalism and dedication shines threw and her sense of awareness in consciousness is so uplifting you can feel her energy radiating. Thank you for letting me feel again, mind, body and soul. You are naturally gifted and I thank you for allowing me into your temple and allowing me to fully receive"
"This was the most non-judgemental, warm, nurturing self-love and self-exploration journey I have ever done. Stephanie made me feel so safe that I felt the experience was more healing and almost spiritual than anything. I have a deep, new curiosity, respect, admiration and love for my body. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are open to a fuller, richer, deeper connection with yourself, and the world around you, then this is definitely for you"

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