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Tantra For Couples

Whether it’s long STRESSFUL days at work, problems with  money, children, issues with intimacy or health, there’s seem to be ever more forces attempting to drive the spark out of your love life.

You and your partner seem to STOP communicating, you operate on AUTOPILOT and it starts to feel like all you do is ARGUE.

You feel let down by, and stop trusting, your partner. And finally you begin to wonder if it’s possible to feel PASSIONATE again. The answer is, yes and it’s up to YOU to get it back!

At Tantric Massage Brisbane we will actually TEACH you the SOLUTIONS that will help you bring the PASSION back into your relationship.

The skills to TRANSFORM your relationship into one you love and DESIRE.

Devotional Tantric Massage sessions WILL provide you and your lover a SAFE place to deeply connect and REIGNITE the SPARK in your relationship, bring magic and soulful qualities to the mundane, and encounter the essence of LOVE through the merging of souls.

Orgasmic Intimacy Workshop: Unleash Your Primal Passion

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of Soul deep connection, electrifying passion, and Orgasmic Intimacy with your partner?

A journey back to the primal essence of love, sensuality, and ecstasy that resides within each of us.

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 July 2024, Paddington, 10 – 4pm

Awaken the primal fire within you and your partner in this electrifying weekend immersion. 

Through immersive experiences and expert guidance, discover tantric techniques to ignite passion, reconnect with your primal instincts, and reignite the flames of desire in your relationship. Embrace the wild within and embark on a journey of uninhibited exploration, where every touch, every glance, becomes an expression of untamed ardor. 

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Private Couples Tantric Massage Experience

Our Couples Tantric Massage Experience is a private 4.5 hour tantric immersion which includes connecting and honouring rituals, and learning to give and receive tantric massage from your partner.

Devotional Tantric Massage is the temple art of deeply connecting with another through sacred touch. It is the art of fully and passionately giving and receiving, with reverence, presence, love, curiosity and exploration.  

This is a space for you and your partner to each receive a tantric massage, being sacred witness to each other’s experience, and be guided in giving each other Yoni and Lingam massage. 

Imagine if TODAY you had the PASSIONATE loving relationship you always desired. 
TODAY you could COMMUNICATE clearly with your lover, bring the SPARK and PASSION back, not to mention having AMAZINGLY PLEASURABLE nights. 
What would you be willing to do to make that dream a REALITY?
Are you READY and willing to create the SEX and LOVE life you DESIRE?
Are you READY to CONNECT and DEEPEN your relationship with your lover?
Are you READY to surrender into the bliss of EXQUISITE pleasure?
BOOK now and let the ADVENTURE begin…

You will learn to:

  • Decrease stress and learn to RELAX in your body
  • ENHANCE your intimate life and relationship outside of the sessions
  • CONNECT with your lover and ignite the SPARK, bringing PASSION back into your relationship
  • EXPERIENCE full body ORGASM and become multi-orgasmic
  • CLEAR negative sexual conditioning, like shame and guilt and HEAL sexual trauma
  • Learn to TRUST and COMMUNICATE your desires, boundaries and consent
  • Be VULNERABLE and to open your HEART wide, allowing your partner to fully meet you.

Unleash Your Primal Passion Weekend Workshop

Are you ready to unleash your Primal Passion and experience the true essence of love, sensuality, and ecstasy with your partner? Are you ready to transform your current relationship into a vibrant, alive, and pulsating force of energy that leaves you breathless with desire and longing for more?

This workshop is for couples who want to improve their relationship, deepen their connection, and explore new heights of intimacy and pleasure together. Whether you’ve been together for decades or just starting out on your journey together, if you’re longing for deeper connection, passionate love, and orgasmic intimacy, this workshop is for you.

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 July 2024, Paddington, 10 – 4pm

During our workshop, you’ll embark on a journey of deep embodiment and connection, guided by our experienced facilitators. You’ll learn to shift from being trapped in your thoughts to fully inhabiting your body, activating your primal energy and channeling it into vibrant Eros (life force).

  • Through embodiment practices and exploration of desire, you’ll cultivate your unique erotic essence, awakening a sense of aliveness that resonates deep within you. As you tune into your body’s senses, you’ll discover a profound sense of sexual permission and liberation that has always existed within you.
  • The workshop includes a series of experiential and playful exercises designed to reconnect you and your partner on a soul-deep, emotional level. These practices foster a foundational safety and openness, inviting more passion, vitality, curiosity, and sensual exploration into your relationship.
  • In this safe and nurturing environment, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen into various tantric processes, experiencing enlivening sensual pleasures that elevate your intimacy to new, orgasmic heights beyond mere physical satisfaction.


Limited Discounted Early Bird Tickets (until 1 June):

$650 per couple/ weekend

Ticket Price after 1 June:

$800 per couple/ weekend

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If you would like to experience more pleasure and freedom in your love-life, deepen your relationship, become multi-orgasmic, and feel true bliss like you never have, get in touch to find out more by clicking below.