Frequently Asked Questions

Our Sacred Massage Rituals are regular bodywork/ massage and are beautiful for self care and/ or supporting the body through healing. These sessions do not involve working with sexual energy and there is no nudity or genital touch involved in these sessions.

Our Tantric Bodywork sessions are designed to work specifically with sexual energy to clear energetic blocks, reconnect pleasure pathways, and return to the body’s natural state of relaxed arousal (these sessions involve genital touch and sacred yoni/ lingam honouring within your boundaries and consent). 
Our Trauma Release Healing Rituals are an entry point into tantric massage for healing sexual trauma through the body (these are very gentle and involve non invasive touch and craniosacral holds). There is no massage in these sessions and clients can choose to remain clothed. 

Tantric Massage (TM) is a goalless (not outcome driven) experience focused on deepening pleasure, arousal, and moving sexual energy throughout your body. TM is a shared energetic experience of intimacy and connection through the practice of giving and receiving with presence and sensation. TM is a transmission, or a communication and teaching without words, through conscious and loving touch. Through your presence, openness, and surrender you invite the experience of bliss.

We usually recommend booking a longer initial session as there is a lot to be covered in the first session including:
A thorough pre-massage consult and tantra education over a cup of tea (usually 30 – 45min)
The bodywork itself (which you will wish never ends!)
And a debrief after the bodywork.
A longer initial session will provide more time for you to receive bodywork, allowing your body to really drop-in and giving it time to open up.
Your subsequent sessions usually require a shorter check in and you’ll spend more time receiving bodywork so you can fully relax into, and receive, the benefits. 

Our style of bodywork works specifically with the nervous system to achieve therapeutic results and this process can’t be rushed.
It’s amazing how quickly the 2 hours flies by when you’re in your session – most people want more! 

At our studio temple in Fortitude Valley (stair access). 

You will be sent in the confirmation email the tantric massage guidelines pdf.

It’s really individual as to frequency of sessions and depends on what your intentions are for engaging in this work in addition to your current state of nervous system, lifestyle and embodiment.

Some clients come weekly – fortnightly at first then taper back, others come monthly – 6 weekly for top-up support. It’s important to allow time for your body to fully integrate each session and your body usually tells you when you need to come back in.. if you’re listening! 

Most clients achieve therapeutic results in just 3 sessions. 
That being said, this work is not a “quick fix” and when we are working deeply to rewire the body’s systems and patterns it can take a few sessions to achieve lasting and life changing results. 

After your first session, your practitioner will have a good idea of how your body is responding and how many sessions are required.

Some clients choose to journey this work for 6 – 12 months when they are transitioning into/ out of relationship as a way to recenter and set new foundations in their system for intimate relating, and other clients utilise tantric bodywork to support deep physical and/  or emotional healing and come in for maintenance sessions over a longer period of time. 

Continuing your tantric massage journey will help you to be more present, embodied, grounded and better able to be with intensity in life (through training your body to relax into higher states of arousal).
Receiving regular tantric bodywork helps to sensitize your body to subtle sensations (of life force energy) which enriches and gives depth to lovemaking, overall making it more satisfying for both you and your lover. 

The trick to spicing things up and bringing more novelty into the bedroom and thing most people want from their partners is… presence.
Presence, curiosity and the ability to feel are the simple keys to unlocking the endless possibilities of magic, so that long term relationships stay fresh and lovemaking gets deeper over time.
Tantric massage helps you cultivate presence in your body, sensitise your body so you can feel more (and therefore need less stimulation) and open subtle pleasure pathways so you can contain more pleasure in your entire body, not just the genitals.

When you receive tantric massage you are receiving transmissions of the sacredness of sexuality, connecting your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, which in turn your body can transmit during lovemaking.

Usually clients feel nervous when they arrive. We have a chat for about half an hour and we teach them skills to get the most out of the bodywork, by the end of the talk they are starting to feel relaxed, and more fully present. During the bodywork clients mostly feel deep relaxation, all senses activated and enlivened, mind switching off, eros activation. Clients will have a reference point in their bodies of what it feels like to experience “relaxed arousal”. Everyone’s experience of the bodywork is different, however some common experiences are: hightened sensitivity, feeling energy moving throughout body, energy releasing, shaking, tremoring, trance-like state (in between dream and awake), heart opening, expansion, emotions, laughter, crying, rage, love, bliss, visualisations. By the end of the session most clients feel fully embodied, deeply relaxed, nurtured, nourished. Some clients feel very energised after the session and others feel very tired and need to rest after the session. We recommend allowing time to integrate the energy after the session (i.e. not going to work or social events).

Yes naked for the bodywork part of the session, on a futon, oils used.

No we remain clothed, clients eyes are closed throughout the session so there is nothing to see anyway. It’s about FEELING whats alive in YOUR body (vision/looking takes you out of your body and results in loss of cultivation of your sexual energy which is felt within your body).

No it’s completely private. Confidentiality is maintained at all times. 

1-way touch, no kissing, no oral, no intercourse.

There is no ejaculation in our sessions, the practice of tantra is about cultivating and containing your sexual energy, without the need to project it outside of you. Some clients experience orgasm and full body orgasms without ejaculation although this isn’t the goal. Occasionally a client will accidentally ejaculate and its ok if it happens, we remove shame or judgement around this if it happens.

Yes – a lot of our clients are in long term committed relationships/ marriages, and want to explore tantra to become a better lover for their partner. 

Yoni massage is carried out within your boundaries and consent and at your own pace at all times.
Your boundaries may change throughout the session and we encourage you to communicate this with your practitioner.
A full yoni massage typically involves external and internal touch, however yoni massage can be (and often is) performed with external touch only, depending on what you/ your body is ready for.

Our practitioners generally don’t wear gloves so they have the full sensitivity of their hands when connecting subtly with the tissues of the yoni. The practitioner will wear non-latex gloves in the following cases: active STI (which you are required to disclose on your Intake Questionnaire); if you are menstruating; and/ or if requested by the client. 

Yoni massage can still be done and be a beautiful experience whilst on your period. However the main goal is that you feel comfortable and are able to relax, so if you experience cramps or a lot of pain during your period we recommend rescheduling to a time when your body feels more comfortable.
It also depends on how far into your bleed you are – for some women the first 24 hours of bleeding is best to rest and let the body shed (after day 1 – 2 is usually fine to receive yoni massage). Your practitioner will wear gloves if you are menstruating and you would still like to receive the internal massage. We encourage you to check when your cycle is due when making a booking. All bookings can be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior and your deposit transferred to your new booking. Changes with less than 24 hours notice will lose deposit. 

All bookings can be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior and your deposit transferred to your new booking (changes with less than 24 hours notice will lose deposit). 

Mostly it’s relaxing and feels good. There can be discomfort where there is blocked energy, armoury, or tension build up, and we work with this. We work within your boundaries at all times and if there are areas of your body that you don’t want to be massaged, we honour this. We create a space that allows you to feel safe to let go, and surrender into yourself. 

There is nothing specific you need to do to prepare before the massage, however some suggestions will be sent to you in your booking confirmation email (i.e. tune into your intention for your session, don’t consume coffee or a large meal before your massage, make sure you are showered as there are no shower facilities at the studio). 
Yes if you’d like to experience different transmissions of tantric bodywork, each practitioner brings their own unique flavour to the work and you are welcome to book in with different practitioners.
However, if you want to deepen into the benefits of  tantric massage and explore the potential of your body, we recommend staying with the same practitioner as your body is forming safety and a relationship with the practitioner. So it’s helpful for your body to continue to deepen with the same practitioner as your body remembers and will pick up where you left off last session.  

You are always welcome to change practitioners if you don’t feel comfortable, resonance, safe or aligned with a practitioner. Listen to your body!

All our sessions are held within our urban Tantra Temple spaces. These sacred spaces are specifically designed as the container that creates safety for the depth of work we hold, and as such we don’t offer call out sessions. Some of our clients travel up to 3 hours to our studio!
We usually recommend starting off experiencing a tantric massage without prostate massage first and seeing how your body goes, then adding prostate massage in down the track when your body is ready. 
Some clients receive prostate massage on their first session and it goes well, however for some people (depending on where your body is at and how much tension there is in the pelvis) it can be overwhelming for the body with the amount of life force that is liberated just from the tantric massage alone, so we would recommend adding prostate massage in on a subsequent session when your body can relax deeper into surrendering and receiving the experience. 
If you do choose to include prostate massage on your first session we recommend booking a longer session duration as there is a lot covered in the first session and this longer duration will allow more time for your body to relax into receiving the bodywork. 

Being a great lover is NOT about techniques, it’s about FEELING. How well you can feel yourself and your partner and respond to whats alive in the present moment. You can only feel another relative to how deeply you can feel yourself. Tantric massage is about learning how to feel yourself, how intimate you can be with yourself, is how deep your intimacy can go with another. Building you capacity to FEEL yourself and cultivating your sensitivity, is what women want to receive. Women want to be FELT.