Frequently Asked Questions

Tantric Massage (TM) is a goalless (not outcome driven) experience focused on deepening pleasure, arousal, and moving sexual energy throughout your body. TM is a shared energetic experience of intimacy and connection through the practice of giving and receiving with presence and sensation. TM is a transmission, or a communication and teaching without words, through conscious and loving touch. Through your presence, openness, and surrender you invite the experience of bliss.

Usually clients feel nervous when they arrive. We have a chat for about half an hour and we teach them skills to get the most out of the bodywork, by the end of the talk they are starting to feel relaxed, and more fully present. During the bodywork clients mostly feel deep relaxation, all senses activated and enlivened, mind switching off, eros activation. Clients will have a reference point in their bodies of what it feels like to experience “relaxed arousal”. Everyone’s experience of the bodywork is different, however some common experiences are: hightened sensitivity, feeling energy moving throughout body, energy releasing, shaking, tremoring, trance-like state (in between dream and awake), heart opening, expansion, emotions, laughter, crying, rage, love, bliss, visualisations. By the end of the session most clients feel fully embodied, deeply relaxed, nurtured, nourished. Some clients feel very energised after the session and others feel very tired and need to rest after the session. We recommend allowing time to integrate the energy after the session (i.e. not going to work or social events).

Yes naked for the bodywork part of the session, on a futon, oils used.

No we remain clothed, clients eyes are closed throughout the session so there is nothing to see anyway. It’s about FEELING whats alive in YOUR body (vision/looking takes you out of your body and results in loss of cultivation of your sexual energy which is felt within your body).

There is no ejaculation in our sessions, the practice of tantra is about cultivating and containing your sexual energy, without the need to project it outside of you. Some clients experience orgasm and full body orgasms without ejaculation although this isn’t the goal. Occasionally a client will accidentally ejaculate and its ok if it happens, we remove shame or judgement around this if it happens.

Being a great lover is NOT about techniques, it’s about FEELING. How well you can feel yourself and your partner and respond to whats alive in the present moment. You can only feel another relative to how deeply you can feel yourself. Tantric massage is about learning how to feel yourself, how intimate you can be with yourself, is how deep your intimacy can go with another. Building you capacity to FEEL yourself and cultivating your sensitivity, is what women want to receive. Women want to be FELT. 

You will be sent in the confirmation email the tantric massage guidelines pdf.

At our studio temple in Fortitude Valley (stair access). 

1-way touch, no kissing, no oral, no intercourse.

No it’s completely private. Confidentiality is maintained at all times. 

Yes – a lot of our clients are in long term committed relationships/ marriages, and want to explore tantra to become a better lover for their partner. 

Mostly it’s relaxing and feels good. There can be discomfort where there is blocked energy, armoury, or tension build up, and we work with this. We work within your boundaries at all times and if there are areas of your body that you don’t want to be massaged, we honour this. We create a space that allows you to feel safe to let go, and surrender into yourself. 

Yes! Payment plans are available. We also offer packages for 3 sessions at a discounted rate. Enquire here