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Have you ever in your adult life thought to yourself, WHY don’t relationships work for me? Am I not a SATISFYING my lover in bed? Why can’t I open up to my partner? Do I DESERVE to be loved? If you have you’re not alone.

Let’s face it, we are living in an increasingly ISOLATED world. We text, email, and have virtual relationships online and it gets lonelier and lonelier.

As men there are few outlets where you can talk, and learn about sex and intimacy. Who speaks to their friends after a few drinks about their issues or FEARS in the BEDROOM or their DIFFICULTY connecting intimately with their lovers?

It’s easy to feel lost. Luckily you’re in the RIGHT PLACE to find the ANSWERS.

What are the benefits?

• Decrease stress and learn to RELAX in your body

• Improve your intimate life and relationships outside of the sessions

• Learn to CONNECT intimately with yourself and lover

• OVERCOME erectile dysfunction and re-sensitise the your lingam

• Master non-ejaculation, EXPERIENCE full body ORGASM, and become multi-orgasmic

• CLEAR negative sexual conditioning, like shame and guilt and HEAL sexual trauma

• Be able to COMMUNICATE your desires, boundaries and consent

• Learn Tantric TECHNIQUES and practices to make you an AMAZING LOVER

Explore Sacred Sexuality

At the end of your LIFE if you had a choice between one or the other, having ALL the sex you want or a DEEPLY intimate relationship with a partner you can truly connect with and love, would choose just SEX? Would choose LOVE? The great news is you can have BOTH!

Are you READY and willing to create the SEX and love life you DESIRE?

Are you READY to open your heart to feel deeper INTIMACY?

Are you READY to surrender into the bliss of full body ORGASMS?


Qualified Practitioner

2 hours – $420

3 hours – $550

Prices inc. GST

Prostate Massage can be selected as an optional add-on for $100. For more info << Click Here >>


Founder, Qualified Practitioner

2 hours – $550

3 hours – $660

Prices inc. GST

Prostate Massage can be selected as an optional add-on for $100. For more info << Click Here >>