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Feel Yourself Again

Female sexuality and pleasure has been swept under the rug for CENTURIES, so having any type of sexual urge or desire is often met with guilt, shame or a dirty feeling. Women sometimes go through life with little or not enough pleasure. 

These women usually feel disconnected from their womb and this shows up in different ways, like numbness or even pain during sex, low libido, painful periods or difficulty conceiving. 

Sadly, women believe that this is ‘normal’. Even more sadly, some women have never actually fully experienced the level of pleasure their body is designed to feel.

The TRUTH is the idea that you’re broken or that there’s something wrong with you is just a story….
THANKFULLY you’re in the RIGHT PLACE to CHANGE that story!

yoni massage

What are the benefits?

• Decrease stress and learn to RELAX be in your body

• ENHANCE your intimate life and relationships outside of the sessions

• CONNECT DEEPLY with your body and PLEASURE

• EXPERIENCE full body ORGASM and become multi-orgasmic

• CLEAR negative sexual conditioning, like shame and guilt and HEAL sexual trauma

• Learn to TRUST yourself and COMMUNICATE your desires, boundaries and consent

• Learn Tantric TECHNIQUES and practices to make you an AMAZING LOVER

Enliven Your Senses

Imagine if TODAY you could look in the mirror with CONFIDENCE.

COMMUNICATE clearly with your lover, take CONTROL of your sex life and have AMAZINGLY PLEASURABLE all night long.

What would you be willing to do to make that dream a REALITY?

Are you READY and willing to create the SEX and LOVE life you DESIRE?

Are you READY to open your HEART to feel deeper INTIMACY?

Are you READY to surrender into the bliss of full body ORGASMS?

BOOK now and begin to FEEL YOURSELF AGAIN…


Qualified Practitioner

2 hours – $460 (excludes yoni massage)

3 hours – $600 (includes yoni massage)

Prices inc. GST


Founder, Lead Trainer, Qualified Practitioner

2 hours – $600 (excludes yoni massage)

3 hours – $750 (includes yoni massage)

Prices inc. GST