What customers have said

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Here are just a few lovely customers have had to say about Steph and Nat’s sessions. These can all be verified online. Please note that names have been left off for privacy. 


I had the utmost pleasure of meeting this beautiful soul in her sacred space. I am a single man who wanted to share these skills of higher love when I do find a partner to share my life and energy with. I was taken on a profound journey that not only taught me skills but showed me my heart was closed off by my pain of the past. I can not talk highly enough on this experience and the energy that was created shall stay with me forever.


Had the most wonderful massage with Stephanie today. I felt nurtured, supported and held throughout and left feeling relaxed and energised, and even more connected to my growing bubba. She is extremely intuitive and an amazing bodyworker. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for sacred massage treatments and bodywork.


Just had an amazing massage with Stephanie. She checked in before with my intentions, throughout with her intuitive pressure and afterwards with my release. Her technique and guided breathing got into my shoulders, back and legs to release deep tension. Highly recommended, will certainly be back!


The attention to detail was incredible and left feeling fresh and rejuvenated! Will be back!

"Absolutely amazing"

This was absolutely amazing. By the end my body was totally relaxed, something I have never been able to do. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was guided through the whole way. I was made sure that I was comfortable by the whole experience. I highly recommend going.

"I highly recommend her"

Steph is an amazing tantric therapist. She’s fantastic to work with, prompt, professional. I highly recommend her sessions if you’re in Brisbane and are curious about how beneficial tantra can be.

"Deeper relaxation and intimacy"

Nat is very caring and considerate in her approach. I can feel how she infuses the large amount of training she has done in different modalities into her sexual somatic bodywork.

During the session I felt safe, supported, respected and nourished by her touch. The bodywork was incredibly relaxing and when the lingham massage began I found myself shifting from goal orientation into a more present focus where I was able to receive pleasure without chasing sensation based on habitual thoughts.

This enabled for me a deeper bodily relaxation and intimacy with who I really am. I sense this will enable me to experience a heightened sense of pleasure in the long term.

"I was able to date again"

Nat made me feel comfortable immediately. The sessions moved at a pace that worked for me, and Nat would change things if needed so I always felt safe and comfortable. What I learned from these sessions has been life changing. Pain that I thought was normal, were actually the marks of trauma and I no longer feel that pain. I realised how I had always disassociated from my body, and for the first time, had a sense of who I was and could actually feel into myself. I felt lighter and I could see my abuse from a different perspective and it did not feel as sharp or intense as before. Because of these sessions, I was able to date again and be intimate with the knowledge that I was in control and was in my body completely. 
I would recommend these sessions for anyone who has suffered sexual trauma. It can be done at the pace that suits you, and will enable you to look into places that were closed to you before and find who you are. Thank you Nat for changing my life xx 

"master of tantra"

If there was 6 stars I would have given that. Stephanie truly is a master of Tantra. Her professionalism and dedication shines threw and her sense of awareness in consciousness is so uplifting you can feel her energy radiating. Thank you for letting me feel again, mind, body and soul. You are naturally gifted and I thank you for allowing me into your temple and allowing me to fully receive.

"Far less pain"

I’d had an exceeding hard and stressful week both with work and health. Stephanie’s approach was amazing with lasting results. 4 days later, I’m still in a place of inner calm, my systolic blood pressure has dropped 20mm. I suffer from chronic neuropathic pain and even after just one session, I’m in far less pain even after 4 days.